Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glory Glory Man United


Order kali ni from Nesa from Johor, my former USM buddies, to be delivered to her boyfriend in Penang :), how sweet.. Nesa ordered 16 (M) choc cupcake with Man U as the team requested.. :) Nesa also requested that i write Happy Birthday Hafiz.. :) and said that Hafiz is not only a Man U fan but also loves cars, fast cars.. ahaha Man U, i can do but cars, ahaha i'm not a so gifted lar, huhu but i did try to draw 2 cars.. Hope that Nesa and Hafiz liked it.. huhu sorry lambat post on me blog.. loads of things terjadi dlm hidop yang demand more of my attention, but its all good now and insyaAllah i will make it a habit to regularly update this blog.. insyaAllah.. jom tgk gambar jom.. ;)

Colour theme: red, yellow n white

16 (M) cuppies

All set and ready to meet Hafiz

Thanks Nesa, Thanks Hafiz.. tho Hafiz, u look very familiar.. huhu tapi di mana ya.. ;) but thanks.. nnti kawin jgn lupa ajak kak Ien ye.. semoga kekal hingga ke jinjang pelamin.. :) until next time dearest all.. take care


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