Friday, January 1, 2010

My Love, My Heart

Assalamualaikum all.. :) we meet again
Life is kind of dull for me nowadays.. mom and dad far from fetched, friends married, bestFren @ my sister's married, hmm its just not exciting as it used to be.. no sparks no fireworks.. just dull dan sunyiii.. Dalam keadaan mcm ni lah my little mind start working.. memikir, thinking and thinking and thinking of what could have been if i... or what will happen if i... hmmm... its so tiring and boring..
Well anyways.. thanks to all who wished me Happy New Year.. hehe :) Happy New Year 2010 to u guys too.. May this year brings more joy, hapiness and barakah to us all.. insyaAllah... ok this next order is from my lil sister office mate who happen to be anak my dad's bestfren.. ada faham? haha, tak faham takpe.. He ordered 16 M cuppies for his wifes birthday, awwww so sweettt, :) hope your wife enjoy the cupcake :)

Fav colour mention : Blue

The writings are as requested by Luq

My Helper, My Love, My Companion, My Heart.. awww
So lomantic.. :) wish my future hubby would be as sweet.. who ever it would be.. Ameenn :)
Until then dearest, take care and keep your heads up

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  1. The blackforest filling was really, really tempting!! Yummy!! It shows that you're really into this, truly!! :))..Alhamdulillah, my wife liked it and so did my daughter!! Anyway, a 'cuppysweet' gal like you deserves a 'cuppysweet' guy also, insyaAllah...hehe....Ameen