Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big, Bulk and Bad..


Friends.. i know i know, the title of this is kinda off, huhu, but whats wrong with being over the top at times kan.. bukan slalu.. :p, Life is treating me good.. alhamdulillah.. orders have just been pouring in.. yeay, alhamdulillah.. One of my BFF just got engaged.. yeay.. Congrats Hama.. u looked gorjes then, sgt cantik.. nak tawen2 dah.. yippee :p I remember our wild days back then.. Ya Allah, macam-macam, haha the free syampoo samples, the saturday night fever, the black knight, ahaha.. mcm2, am glad we're still the best of friends till now.. :) alhamdulillah..

Ok, entry kali ni are bulk orders thus the over the top title tuh, huhu ordered by Intan Ismida from Penang, she ordered 50(s) buttercream cuppies with flower theme design :) intan said that her mom loves blue colour.. hope u and your mom likes the cupcake dear.. sorry for the late update.. :) lets view the pics of your orders, jom.. :)

Theme Colour: Blue, Pink and Cream

Rose Garden

All 50 cupcake, ready to meet intan ;)

This next bulk order is for Hanan, during her wedding in Batu Pahat Johor.. she ordered 500 M cupcake with choc ganache with pink bc deco and to be packed individually.. i was exhausted from making the cupcake that i forgot to snap pics of the finish product.. sorry.. but i did la took pictures while in the making.. huhu..

Choc Ganache with Pink Ribbon

Sebilangan kecil of the orders

Sweet like chocolate

Thank you very much for both orders, hope you guys enjoyed your orders.. :) do order some more nnti2.. take care semua


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