Monday, June 29, 2009

Colourful Bows

We meet again in my quest to be a cupcake queen, haha, i wish, mana tau kan, anyways, hehe i've been a little busy with a little something recently, but lets just hush hush dulu, nnti i tell and share what is it i've been busy with, wish me luck tho.. hehe.. order kali ni dari Ira.. thanks dear.. dia ordered 16 M choc chip with ganache topping for her family, request ien tulis all the name of her family member.. colour theme? she gave none, just ask supaya nampak menarik.. :) hope u like it Ira, thanks

I use 4 different colours for deco

I love making these bows.. :)

All 16 cupcake

In its box

Tied with a ribbon ready to meet Ira
I was still asleep when Ira dtg rumah nak pick up the cupcake, hehe, i only slept after subuh the night before, huhu, tidur dah tak teratur.. sorry Ira, hehe sib baik semua dah ready, just tinggal ambik je.. thanks Ira, hope your family suka.. order lagi nnti bila2.. insyaAllah
Oh ya, i forgot to tell u guys.. I wont be taking anymore orders for July.. im sorry.. dah full, but any other month, boleh lg.. :) so until then, take care

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