Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colourful Love

We meet again alhamdulillah in yet another entry of cupcake making.. hehe This time around i made some cupcake for my sisters fiancee.. yep, it was his 28th birthday last week, and my sister ask that i make some cuppies for the guy.. :) So here it is, 16 mini cuppies with ganache and fondant letters, smarties on top.. Simple but catchy.. :) hehe well to me it is.. :p enjoy the pics guys...

Happy Birthday B, I Love U.. says Hanan

Happy Birthday Munauwar, says Me and the rest of the family ;)

Im planning on making there masa raya nnti :) huhu
Well, I hope u like the cuppies Munauwar.. and for those wanting to order, August is still open for orders :) until then.. take care

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