Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day & Birthday

Order kali ni dari miss Ira of Seberang Jaya.. Ira nak order cupcake for her dad ngan for Sue, hehe Ira ordered 16 biji cupcake, tapi request nak dibahagikan 2, meaning 8 untuk her father, 8 untuk si Sue.. :) ira also wanted two different box, but i only have one je box, lagi satu i used plastic, sorry eh ira.. design? ira kata ikut je lah, tapi Sue suka warna purple, i hope u like what i did for both Sue's birthday and your father's father day :)
Happy Birthday Sue

Happy Fathers Day

All the cuppies

All ready to meet Ira

Thanks Ira
Thanks Ira, nnti2 boleh order lagi.. :) until then, take care

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