Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hen Nite (18sx)

Hey... This entry is dedicated to my dearest friend, Nazlia @ Lya, who is getting hitch in June ni.. huhu, so us girls, decided to throw her hen nite last week in KL, and i made her these cupcakes, the theme of course, Hen Nite la kan.. hehe :-) i had real fun making these haha, i hope u like it Ley.. and congrats.. Enjoy the pics dearest..
Us girls and the Hen
Haha, explicit sikit nah, huhu

Bulky eh? :-p

All of it together

Posing on the hotel table, :-)

25 (M) choc chip cupcake

In the box, all ready
Hehe, I hope u girls enjoy these, as much as i had fun making them, so until next order, thanks for ordering people, come order some more :-) Take care

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