Sunday, June 7, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. its been a while since my last entry, i've just been a little too lazy and busy untuk nak update gambar orders, sorry.. :-) anyways, since my last post ada beberapa orders, to those yang i tak dapat cater tu, sorry, i was fully booked then, but its ok, leh order lagi nnti, :-) ok this order came from Ama, my darling bestfren, she requested for 500 s size cupcake as berkat for her sisters wedding.. to be delivered to Jitra, Kedah :-) thanks Ma, theme was green and white :-) penat gak membuatnya, i had no bibik to help me out, but the last day, i had to ask for my sisters help gak, huhu tak menang tangan.. thanks Hanan n Amira...and also a big big thanks to pepito for the help with boxes and driving me to Kedah, thanks a mill my dear, but sadly, i was too busy and too tired smpai i forgot to snap good pics of the order, huhu, ade hat ni ja.. well anyways enjoy k..
Partly done, huhu

Final outcome, each with tiny flags :)

In the box, ready for Kedah, sorry gambar blur, huhu

I was a little upset tak sempat nak snap more pics of the order, huhu, but man, sgt penat membuat order ini, as it was my 1st experience dealing with bulk order, but skrang dah tau, berpengalaman, on what to do and what not to do, :-) but penat2 pun, i had fun making them, thanks Ama once again for ordering, to Najwa n Amirul, semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu, InsyaAllah, till then, take care


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