Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apple Green

This next entry was ordered by one of my close friend Ama, samples for big batch order, she told me that the theme was apple green and white, 500 cupcake, budget RM 2.00 or less, so I made choc chip cupcake with buttercream deco, some with small fondant flowers. For big batch order, unique samples are @ RM10/box only, only if requested, if not, u can always just pick any of the design on my web.. :-) boley jugak... lets view the sample, enjoy :-)

All deco are edible tau, even the names on the cake
Guess which one Ama picked? haha

6 (S) choc chip cupcake with simple yet sweet deco

All packed in yet another new cupcake box

This new cupcake box are made to accomodate only 6 large cupcakes... but the flap inside is removable, and with it remove, the box can then fit 15 small size cupcakes.. Hehe anyways, I hope you are happy with the sample Ma, thanks once again for ordering.. Until next time, take care

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