Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes yes, Its been ages since my last entry kan, hehe well i've just been busy, with my sisters party and going to KL and finishing up my thesis chapters, so, sorry for the orders that were turn down, i should have made an annoucement, sorry, but i hope the other links i propose were useful.. Anyways, this entry is for Zaza, my bestfriend in Kepong.. This is the new box i was telling about in my previous entry, its supposedly made to accomodate only 4 large cupcake, but it can also fit 9 (s) soufle cup cupcake.. hehe :-) The box is super cute, an ideal package for a gift.. This is choc cupcake with ganache and buttercream deco.. yummy

My deco, to me were a little comot, sorry Ja

I love u Masu..

In the cute box.. :p
This cute box can be use to accomodate, sets of 4 M or L size cupcake or 9 s size cuppies.. I hope u like it Zaza, until next time, take care

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