Sunday, February 15, 2009

1st attempt

I did it.. hehe my 1st attempt at making cupcakes.. my own, made from scratch, cuppies, cream and all, hehe, mighty proud.. hehe, best best..
I woke up this morning with semangat yg berkobar2 nak buat cupcake, to give to my sister amira n also my lab buddies.. so i went out to go find the so called famous Honey bakery dekat jalan sg nyior, but to my dismay, i could find the shop, pusing punya pusing, nak dekat 10 kali round jugak lah, tak jumpak.. so we settled with econsave instead, which was also near sg nyior.. bought all the stuff, ingredients needed and shoot back home.. i started with vanilla cuppies, 1st attempt terhangit, api oven kuat sgt, hehe, nevermind, 2nd attempt, better2.. hehe cantik, then i did oreo cuppies, terkeras sikit, but nice jugak, 3rd and finally, chocolate moist cuppies.. hehe 3 jenis tu.. boleh la.. but needed improvement, i think i baked my cuppies to long, sampai tergaring.. hehe takpe next time kene berjaga2..
Next i went of to making the cream, i did 3 colour cream, apple green, rosey pink and egg yellow, plus chocolate ganache.. hehe boleh la, i did them all kurang manis as my family tak suka manis2 sgt... i gave some to my sister in irshad and tomorrow ill be bringing the rest to my lab buddies.. hehe had fun decorating them... sgt best.. hehe pictures below are the outcome of my work today.. hehe enjoy

Until next time.. cheeriioo


For my lab buddies, fizah, mili, mat din, abg kam, linda besar, bapak (abg ardi), sumi, adam, linda kecik and aya (dayah)
I had fun making these..

hehe.. i like the yellow base with pink flower too.. chumell

My first attempt at making cuppies, not bad eh? :-p

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