Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cuppy class


I know, I know, its been ages kan.. ahaha but I've just been busy lah... tu je, hhehe

Anyways the class I told u guys about, the one my mom sign me up, it was awesome, learned how to make cuppies and deco some myself, and I have to say, I didn't do too shabby at all, only had problem with doing the rossettes, ayoo, agak susah sedikit.. hehe, I did quite ok la.. well, I have pictures to prove too.. :-p

The class was conducted at kak Ana's house, duration from 2 up until 7, smpai maghrib, and all in all, I know already how to make vanilla, chocolate, carrot and orea cuppies :-p yipppeeee and and as for the cream, topping on top, I know how to make butter cream, chocolate ganache and cream cheese.. :-) I'm so happy for the knowledge and the experience.. money well spend on.. :-) well, the class was small as there were only 4 students, and all very talented, equally nice and friendly, I was the youngest there, the other three kakaks were already working and married.. but still good looking, young looking I mean, young at heart.. :-)

Hmm.. I have not yet been practicing after the class, I so wanted to, but time has just been jealous with me.. maybe I'll find some time next week.. insyaAllah.. but until then enjoy the pictures of me and my 1st attemped cuppies.. lambat lagi ni nak jadi cuppylicious, ahaha, patience my dear patience..

Cheerioo and Wasalam

my bunch of joy.. :p

the butterfly was my favourite piece here.. but all were fun to do

Kak Ana (in the middle) with all her students that day

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