Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been taking orders dah, and alhamdulillah, byk jugak
hehe, i wanted to post some pictures of the orders but my internet line is not co operating plak, ill post the pics later2 k...
For those of u out there, who likes to order, please do not hesitate to, u can contact me by email @ or sms/call ien @ 019-3855223
Sets S : 9 @ RM20 (RIbbon + Box included)
16 @ RM30 (Ribbon + Box included)
25 @ RM40 (Ribbon + Box included)
Sets M : 9 @ RM30 (Ribbon + Box included)
16 @ RM40 (Ribbon + Box included)
25 @ RM55 (Ribbon + Box included)
U can come collect yourself, or nak saya hantar pun boleh, penghantaran kawasan penang, seberang, free of charge, outside of these area, ade charges :-) tapi tak byk pun, depending kawasan..
I'm also taking orders for bulk order, untuk jamuan ke, kawin ke, tunang ke..
100 cuppies and above - saiz S- RM1.80
saiz M - RM 2.00
500 cuppies and above - saiz S- RM1.50
saiz M - RM 1.80
1000 cuppies and above - saiz S- RM1.20
saiz M - RM 1.50
So come2 order people, dia punya design or corak boleh request (max 3 colour theme) @ 019-3855223 - Ien
PS : The flavour of cuppies for the above price is for (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/ oren/ coffee cuppies) and buttercream topping
Kalau nak any other flavours (oreo/ chocolate chip/ chocolate filling/ blueberry filling/ strawberry filling/ carrot/ fruits cuppies with chocolate ganache/cream cheese/ fondant/ royal icing) harga lain, mahal sikit, but still affordable, hehe... kalau nak nnti we'll deal through emails k..
Take care peeps.. One Love
Wasalam :-)

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