Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moved.. Goodbye Penang, Hallo Singapore


People people.. sorry for the ever long silence.. been real busy with stuff, life, etc.. New info, misscuppylicious no longer resides in Penang.. :( yes, still misses Penang tho.. very much.. We are now in Singapore.. so for those in Singapore y'all are most welcome to order.. :)

We have expand our range of food available for orders. We not only offer sweet delicacies, we now have salty savoury dishes too. For more info do contact us @ ; or whatsapp/call us @ 97748317 / 83008955

Thank u very much for the continuous support.. :) I really appreciate it.. much love


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yo gabba gabba


Updates from me.. fondant covered cake with choc roses and 9 M cupcakes with the theme requested yo gabba gabba.. seriously, i didnt know the cartoon character even existed till i got this order.. :) so thanks to u to for ordering.. fun fun times making them, thank u

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby..


Good day all.. :) another entry from me, this time around, its my first cake order.. yes i'm opening orders for cake now people, all sort of cake, u name it, mini cake, big cake, tier cake.. :) this is my first fondant covered cake, and i'm kinda proud of it.. :) The order was for her husbands birthday and she wanted 4 car figurine on top of the cake. I had fun making the car figurine tho im not sure if it represent the four cars she requested... huhu u be the judge :)

Happy Birthday Hubby

Colour requested: red, black n white

Toyota alphard, a waja, a wira limo and a van, can u tell which is which?

Ni size 9' cake if i'm not mistaken..

All done :)

Take care...


Hantaran Buat Mu...


Another post on my update order marathon.. :) haha this time one set fondant cupcake, and another buttercream set, both to be used as hantaran. Terima kasih kerana order with me.. :) both requested the cupcake flavour of choc chip... Jom tengok the pics jom.. :)

Theme : Pink (obviously) hehe

9(M) Cuppies

From another angle

I love how sweet and cheerful the design turn out
owh, i had help on this, mizz nowwa, my besties came to visit me and help out making this set... And she's good too.. :) huhu

Theme: Maroon

9 (M) buttercream set cupcake

Selamat Pengantin Baru :)

Thanks Nora for helping me out.. :) and also for taking pictures with your canggih camera.. :) good good.. hehe nnti datang lagi weh, kita buat cupcakes sum more.. :) until then all.. take care


Butter Licking Cream :)


Another entry in my mission to update pictures of orders.. all the belows are buttercream set orders.. design requested by customers, some choose to put hobbies as their theme, some flowers, some just mention their fav colour and leave the designing to me.. whatever it may be, i hope all are satisfied, amin.. :)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes with Snickers bar topping.. yummy

Order from Azura to Baim
Theme: Hobbies, red, black, pink
16 (s) buttercream

Theme: Anything an 18 year old boy would love
Balls and Beamers
16 (s) buttercream cupcake

Orders from Azwa if im not mistaken, sorry
Design: Pics given by customer
16(M) buttercream cupcake

Theme: Anything Blue, 9 year old boy
16(s) buttercream cupcake

Theme: Fishing, Blue
16 (S) buttercream cupcake

I'm fasting today, nak berbuka ape pun tak sure lagi, am feeling the taste urging towards something hot ans soupy.. bubur ke, tomyam ke.. yummy :) until then dearest... Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan in 5 days or so.. Take care


Come what may..

A long silence from mua.. yep yep i know.. my deepest sorries, i've just been busy with things.. byk perkara lah, but lets not get into that, my never ending 'things'... :) long long over due orders, not sure which is which nemore, punya lama simpan pictures.. huhu enjoy the pics k.. :)

Theme requested: orangy yellow

16 (M) Fondant cuppies from Zaty

Happy Birthday Sayang

16 (M) buttercream cuppies with gumpaste letter and car figurine

9 (M) fondant cuppies.. Theme: green

I have more to post.. the green hantaran set is from liyana if i'm not mistaken, thanks, thank you all those who have ordered.. :) i'm currently in Johor, attending my cousins engagement ceremony and sambut puasa di rumah ibubapa ku.. will be back in penang 2nd week puasa, insyaAllah.. until then peeps.. take care


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday BB

Its almost 1 in the morning and i have just finish an order, exhausted and tired but i had had to update my blog as byk lagi pics of orders tertunggak.. huhu well, this order is from my 1st Chinese customer, sorry dear i've forgotten your name la.. huhu sorry, but thanks for ordering.. she wanted to suprise her boyfriend on his birthday.. how sweet :) hope u and your boyfriend both liked and enjoy the cuppies.. :)

Happy Birthday BB

16(M) Choc Chip Cuppies

Patterned Hearts

The complete set

Ready to be delivered

Thanks for ordering u.. and to those that have been loyal2 costumers, thanks :) i'm too tired to even think huhu, so nite2, until next time, take care all..

Black and White ...

Another update of cupcakes, this time its from Hafiz from Penang... he asks for a black and white theme fondant cupcakes.. :) nice, i have always wanted to do a black and white theme cuppies, thanks hafiz for giving me the chance.. :) while i was doing this set, i figure out something new, that is whenever for fondant gets sticky on for hands, put a little shortening on it rather than icing sugar.. :) yep, it becomes even more pliable and easy to mold.. yep yep.. i didnt know this before, huhu just knew, alhamdulillah, jom tgk pics jom :)
Black and White

Selamat Bertunang

All 9 M cuppies
Alhamdulillah, I am blessed, even tho sometimes i feel empty and unappreciated, i never forget the fact that i am blessed, blessed that i have a family that love me owh so much, friends who i can count on to make me happy and be a good listener and be my punching bag whenever i feel like bashing -- with words i mean, not literally, huhu... and maybe someday i find the perfect partner in life, that is willing to share my ups and down, who will always be there for me, who cares for me, who wants to share a lifetime with me.. amin.. huhu emo tiba2.. :p sorry.. well the picture below ni sgt cantik, i took it a long time ago with my handphone.. love seeing the sundown mase ni.. so breathtakingly beautiful.. masyaAllah..
Cantik kan.. :) well until next time.. live life to the fullest people.. remember if u feel like there's no one you can confide to, u feel like you have lost it all, if u feel like the world is against you, Allah is always, always there and His love is the most powerful love u can ever get... ever.. so confide in Him and insyaAllah He''ll listen.. Amin ya Rabbal Alamin..
Take Care All...

From Penang to Kedah


Good day.. :) hope all is well with all.. yep yep.. Another update from lil me :) yes, business have been good, ade je order, alhamdulillah.. This next order is also for hantaran tunang, theme requested are for red, black and white, and my my, how the colours clicked.. i love love how the cupcakes turned out.. :) alhamdulillah.. lets enjoy the pics jom..
The colours really goes well together

9 (M) Choc Cuppies


Selamat Bertunang

Box and Ribbon included
Alhamdulillah.. :) my mom and SG commented saying that this set is beautiful.. thank you thank you.. :) pray that i'll be blessed to make more cupcakes and to be better at it as time goes.. Baking is my passion, some like to sing, some like to sew, some even love cooking, but me, i love love baking.. :) and i hope one day i'll be good at it, amin.. :)
Take care all..