Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby..


Good day all.. :) another entry from me, this time around, its my first cake order.. yes i'm opening orders for cake now people, all sort of cake, u name it, mini cake, big cake, tier cake.. :) this is my first fondant covered cake, and i'm kinda proud of it.. :) The order was for her husbands birthday and she wanted 4 car figurine on top of the cake. I had fun making the car figurine tho im not sure if it represent the four cars she requested... huhu u be the judge :)

Happy Birthday Hubby

Colour requested: red, black n white

Toyota alphard, a waja, a wira limo and a van, can u tell which is which?

Ni size 9' cake if i'm not mistaken..

All done :)

Take care...


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