Thursday, August 5, 2010

Come what may..

A long silence from mua.. yep yep i know.. my deepest sorries, i've just been busy with things.. byk perkara lah, but lets not get into that, my never ending 'things'... :) long long over due orders, not sure which is which nemore, punya lama simpan pictures.. huhu enjoy the pics k.. :)

Theme requested: orangy yellow

16 (M) Fondant cuppies from Zaty

Happy Birthday Sayang

16 (M) buttercream cuppies with gumpaste letter and car figurine

9 (M) fondant cuppies.. Theme: green

I have more to post.. the green hantaran set is from liyana if i'm not mistaken, thanks, thank you all those who have ordered.. :) i'm currently in Johor, attending my cousins engagement ceremony and sambut puasa di rumah ibubapa ku.. will be back in penang 2nd week puasa, insyaAllah.. until then peeps.. take care


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