Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday BB

Its almost 1 in the morning and i have just finish an order, exhausted and tired but i had had to update my blog as byk lagi pics of orders tertunggak.. huhu well, this order is from my 1st Chinese customer, sorry dear i've forgotten your name la.. huhu sorry, but thanks for ordering.. she wanted to suprise her boyfriend on his birthday.. how sweet :) hope u and your boyfriend both liked and enjoy the cuppies.. :)

Happy Birthday BB

16(M) Choc Chip Cuppies

Patterned Hearts

The complete set

Ready to be delivered

Thanks for ordering u.. and to those that have been loyal2 costumers, thanks :) i'm too tired to even think huhu, so nite2, until next time, take care all..


  1. hye miss cuppylicious!
    i love this design.i ingt nk order for my engagement day on april.
    nk tnya dlu either u still amik order atau x. takut schedule u tight :)