Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yippeee... Im Back

Asssalamualaikum.. :)
Phew, what a month.. it has been fun.. tiring but fun :) seriously.. My lil sister is now officially a wife.. :) Im happy for you dear Hanan and hope happiness be with u and your hubby always.. AMeen.. On another note, updates!!! haha, lamanye tak update.. this order was for hari raya dulu, minta maaf kakak.. baru dapat nak upload your pics.. hope u liked and enjoyed the cuppies.. :)

16 M Choc Cupcake

Colourful, with edible pictures

Slamat Hari Raya.. hehe

Sorry lambat kakak

Minta maaf kakak for the late posting of pics of your order and thanks for the comments.. :) And to others, patience dearest.. will try to uplaod all this week.. insyaAllah.. Until then.. Take care all


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