Saturday, December 26, 2009


We meet again.. I just got off from chatting to a junior, lama betol tak jumpa. She used to be one of the sweetest and prettiest girl i have ever known.. always had a smile on her face, full of life.. but today she was all heart broken, cursing and had basically given up on life.. sedih je.. its a wonder such power lost love can do to a person.. Sabar lah sayang.. Allah knows best.. InsyaAllah things will turn out good in the end.. :) have faith dear..
Well todays pics are of Wirdah's order.. lama dah gak.. hehe Minta maaf Wirdah, akak been busy skit.. hehe this is her 2nd time ordering.. thank you.. she wanted to give her fren a birthday suprise gift.. :) hope your fren liked it dear..

From Wirdah

16 cuppies with choc ganache topping

Bear sayang Maman

Siap :)

Thanks Wirdah dear for the order.. :) do order some more hehe.. ;) its getting late ni... i should got to bed now.. but before i go to bed.. lemme make a shout out to dear friends who got engaged or married this month.. sgt ramai kawan2 yang kawin n tunang bulan ni.. Mr Library.. congrats man, Kiah, selamat bertunang dear, just to name a few.. :)

Until next time.. take care all


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