Saturday, September 12, 2009

All aboard.. the FireFlyz

Assalamualaikum you ols..
Its been a while since my last entry, yep, well what with my studies, my birthday, puasa, raya preparation, my sister's wedding in December, macam2 lah, hehe so i've been just a little too busy to update blog inih, kinda tired and can't wait for the Raya holiday ni.. huhu, nak balik kampung yippeee.. jumpa atok.. huhu tons of thanks for those who ordered kuih raya with me, kuih raya esok dah available :) alhamdulillah.. so for those yang nak ambik, can call me for pick up k, or if u want me to deliver pun boleh, but got charges lah dear eh... anyways, the orders this time around is from my beloved dear friend, Fieda Dieda, byk kali dah order ngan kakak, thanks dear, ok she request 16 M buttercream cupcake with the theme FireFlyz.. hmm :) mula2 pening memikio nak lukis ape je untuk theme ini, hehe well, i did the best i could Fieda, hope your sister in law suka.. :) so, lets see the pics jom..
16 (M) Choc Chip Cuppies

Happy Birthday Dear

FireFlyz Rawks!! :p

If U look betul2, my planes cacat, hehe

Thanks Fieda

Standard box for set of 16 :)

Thanks Fieda dear sbb support bisnes akak ek.. :) u've been a great customer :), thanks a mill.. and to all who remembered and wished me Birthday wishes, thanks, old and new friends, close and far friends, thank you tau.. Best birthday tahun nii.. hehe ;)
Some of the gifts i got this year.. :p thank u
Well ok then, hehe panjang sikit entry kali ni.. :) its getting late and i need my beauty sleep, haha, not that it will make any difference pun kan but its the effort that counts, hehe.. :p so, until next time, dearest, take care all and also selamat berpuasa tomorrow.. :)

PS: Hmm, a little bird suggest i put tips at the end of my entry, well to tell you the truth i have not that many tips lah, hehe, i myself pun am still learning, but i'll try to think up something k and i still owe you sample cupcakes little bird, hehe sorry lambat dear, forgive mua, so, hmm tips eh, well, for the cupcake, sometimes cupcake goes flat or shrink in size after coming out of the oven, so my suggestion is that to mix the butter and the sugar thoroughly, betul2 bagi kembang, double in size before putting the eggs in, insyaAllah ok :) hehe tips ke? boleh la.. hehe i'll try to think of something better next entry k.. ;)

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