Monday, August 31, 2009

Go Gunners..

Hi.. as you can see, i've changed my background colour to pink, hehe taking an advice from a friend who suggest that pink looks better.. thanks dude.. i know there's some more details you advice me on doing but, nnti nah, hehe, ok orders this time around dari kak Fara, :) this is her 3rd order with me, thanks kakak, she ask to make the cupcake for her husband's birthday with theme arsenal :) and had the cupcakes delivered to her husband masa keje, as a suprise, comel je :) hmmm i wish someone would suprise me like that on my birthday, huhu, seronok.. so sweet kakak Farah ni tau.. she also ask for the wording 1st anniversary to be put on the cupcake.. i had fun making the cupcakes as i myself is an Arsenal fan.. huhu Go Gunners.. :) well anyways, nuff babbling, jom tgk the photos jom, jom.. :)

Had major fun making these :)
Happy 1st Anniversary to you both :)
Gunners the Great.. haha

9 (M) moist choc cuppies

Ready to be delivered to Kak Fara's Hubby :)
Kakak Fara smsed me later that day, saying that her hubby sayang nak makan the cupcake, haha :) thanks for ordering kakak :) and do order some more, whenever :) so until then, Ramadhan Mubarak to all and also Happy 52nd Merdeka to Malaysia.. Alhamdulillah.. :)
Take care all..

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  1. he..he...thanks to ien too..memang cantik cup cakes ni...semua hubby akak yang hentam makan...ha..ha...selamat berpuasa jugak to u ye..