Monday, August 10, 2009

Sesame Streets

Its been a while since my last entry, huhu, minta maaf, been too busy with something, :) but orders masih lagi ambik and buat cuma gambar2 belum ada masa nak update, will try to update this week insyaAllah, hehe anyways, made this set of cupcakes for Idah and her kids, theme sesame street :) hehe, got pics of nurul, ashraff and shahmi memakan cupcake, cutee :) let see them pics, jom
Colourful cuppies

Elmo, cookie monster, ernie, bert and oscar the grouch

Elmo is my fav of the lot :)

All 16 M choc cuppies

hehe, chumel..
The internet is killing me tonight, sgt lambat nak upload gambar... dah ngantok, nak tidur, will update some more tomorrow, insyaAllah :) until then, take care

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