Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White Gold theme

My addition to my fondant hantaran collection.. inspired somehow a little by lovely lace collections.. This set was ordered by the cunning Sumi and wacky Linda for their bestfriend Fida who is getting engaged.. :) They ordered 9 (M) fondant choc chip cupcakes, requesting the theme to be white and gold. I had major fun making these and quite satisfied of how the outcome turns out. Im currently falling in love with making fondant cuppies, be it for hantaran, or figurines satisfying, btol ckap my sifu, kak Ana.. lets see the pics nak? jom :)
Bear wearing his heart out in a garden of flowers.. hehe
The combination of white and gold is just breathtakingly beautiful

Some of the many pics i took of this set

All nine of em

Costumize box and ribbon

All ready to meet Sumi and Linda
Im glad Sumi and Linda liked it.. their exact words are.. 'comeynya kak ien, thanks'. No, thank you girls for ordering with me... :) leh order lagi nnti.. insyaAllah.. this set is a little expensive what with the customized box and detailing but if someone who dont mind, u can email me for details. So until then, take care

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