Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hi, we meet again in another entry of new orders, this time around is for Fida, for her makan2, a new product of miss cuppylicious.. size mini.. :) small, bite size, senang nak makan and they look neat too, anyways 36 (mini) size cupcake with various design.. lets see some pictures.. jom :)

I love deco-ing these.. :)

All 36 of them :)

Half are choc chip and half are choc moist

Ready to meet Fida :)
Hope you enjoy them Fida, and Selamat Bertunang dear.. :) For those yang berminat nak order the minis, can kindly email me or sms me for further info, price, sets etc.. thanks :) so until next order.. take care all

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