Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buttercream Bikini

Another entry of orders and this time is from Ira lagi.. thanks dear, Ira mintak ien buat cupcakes with the theme bikini in mind.. haha, she was attracted to my previous 18sx entry.. but didnt want any gumpaste on the cake, only buttercream.. a little comot if compared to the gumpaste bikini.. but Ira kate cantik je.. :p thanks dear, yang penting ur happy.. jom nengok gambar nye jom

Comot2 sikit the bikinis.. sorry

Nine different bikini design.. huhu

I think the flowers look neat :)

In the cute box

Ribbon on top, ready to meet Ira.. :p
Thanks Ira dear, for the repeat orders.. :) u take care ok.. to those who wants to order, can kindly email or sms me.. sorry orders for july are fully booked.. august are still available.. ok.. until then.. take care all

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