Monday, April 13, 2009



This next order is from by baba.. UTHM, huhu he wanted to treat his staff with some cupcake.. he request that i write each one with names of his staff, tu je.. hehe, cute, but after writing all the names.. the cuppies were a little dull, so i decided to add a little pink flower, ha comel sikit kut.. hehe well anyways, enjoy staff of Pusat Pengajian Kemanusiaan & Komunikasi.. :-) 32 S size cuppies with buttercream

My ganache wasn't cooperating so well that day

Panjang betul sesetengah nama.. huhu

2 boxes of set 16 (s)

I also made a carrot cake for my moms birthday.. my 1st attempt.. yippee jadi..
Well, all ends well, and im happy.. thanks for ordering guys.. and do order some more.. until next time, take care

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