Monday, April 13, 2009

Red, white, yellow..

So much has been happening this past few days.. :-) but i still manage to bake cuppies.. mana boleh tak bake.. hehe this next order is from masyitah, a friend of my youngest sister.. Form two student, she's leaving the school and wanted to give some token of appreciation to her besties.. She asked for or so i quote 'simple and paling murah kak' cupcake.. hehe ok darling.. i made vanilla cuppies with buttercream topping and some simple deco.. hehe, but she did request for two Man U logo, for kawan lelaki katanye.. ok sweety.. hope u enjoy these k.... 12 M size cuppies.. colour theme white, yellow and blazzing red.. enjoy the pics :-)

Love perhaps? :-p

Simple but sweet

Caca merba.. huhu

Thanks Masyitah :-)

All set to go

Well, im working on making my own logo for my cuppies.. hehe, still working on it.. will show it off once its done.. hehe.. untill next time..take care


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