Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Meadow..

Hey hey.. Orders are good these few days and am very thankful.. thank u very much to all who have ordered.. :-) ok, this next order is from Alia, my sisters bestfriend for her sister Aina. Alia ordered 25 choc cupcake with chocolate ganache and buttercream deco.. theme colour requested are green and pink.. :-) Aina goes to al-Irshad and is a AF fan.. huhu, thanks Alia.. oh and the clear box is as requeted, normally i use the white card board boxes with panel opening but Alia request the cupcake to be package in a clear see through box.. enjoy the pictures.. :-)

Aina AF, hehe

Comot sikit.. sorry

25 (s) choc cupcake

Ready, set, go.. hehe
Thanks Alia for ordering... hope your sister likes it.. i am preparing myself for this Thursday, my 1st ever hantaran cupcake.. huhu, hopefully i can pull it off.. hehe wish me luck y'all.. until then, take care..

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