Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pink Bouquet

Its been a while since my last entry.. sorry, i have been a little busy, pulling myself away from the world of baking and pushing myself into the world of studying.. geram je, baking seem much much more inviting.. ish ish anyways apart from me 'memaksa diri' trying to complete my thesis, there have been orders, but i didnt feel the need to post it, sbb orders that were ordered request design sama mcm yang dah post dulu.. But i'll mention the names lah, kang kecik hati mereka membaca.. hehe ok, there's Nis from Sg Puyu, ordered the chelsea theme cupcake for her son's birthday, thanks Nis, and there's Intan from USM, ordered the LOVE theme, for her ahem ahem.. hehe thanks Intan.. and last but certaintly not least, Mohd from Byn Baru, ordered the Man U theme.. Thanks for ordering you guys and do order lagi.. hehe
Ok, this new theme is from Ina of Minden Height, she called requesting for some cupcake for her mother, she ordered 9 vanilla cupcake (S size), she said that her mother like flowers and pink, hence the theme pink bouquet, lets see some picture k.. jom

These were fun to make..
All nine of em'
The soft pink is soothing to the eye..

In the box u go..

Ready with a ribbon on top..
I think mothers2 suka design mcm ni kot.. sweet and flowery.. well most mothers i know lah, hehe, well speaking of mothers, Mother's Day is coming up soon, 10th of May, what better way to suprise your mother with a simple gift than with a cupcake.. kek kecik, comel2, and boleh pilih nak tulis apa2, hehe promotion jap.. hehe well anyways, I hope your mother like the cupcakes Ina.. thanks for ordering Ina.. Owh, lupa nak bgtau, i've created my own business logo, hehe saje je.. reka2 ahaha, u can see it on the box in the last picture atas ni, hehe saje je ari tu, takde keje, hehe i like it.. i hope u guys do to.. tell me what u think k, kalau buruk ke apa ke, hehe i so like komen2 membina ni..Ok until next order, take care k

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  1. wah ein... u r getting better each day.. practice makes perfect, right..?? anyway congrats..!!!!