Friday, April 10, 2009

OOO Strawberry

We met again.. and this time, orders from Ameera, she wants 9 M size choco cuppies with strawberries.. wee hee, had fud making these.. Sorry for it being a little pricey, but strawberries isnt exactly cheap in Malaysia kan.. huhu but Ameera tak kisah pun, she was happy went i delivered these to her.. im glad that u like it Ameera.. thanks for ordering darling.. Enjoy pics of the order.. :-)

Taste so much better than strawberry chocolate..

Look at all those chocolate... yummy

My mom loves the ganache, she was licking the spoon off when i was making these.. ahaha

All nine of em

All set in a box to be delivered

I had fun making these... my first attempt at making cuppies with actual fruits on top.. yiiippeee.. maybe lepas ni boleh try others fruits maybe.. anggur ke, berries ke.. huhu.. we'll see.. so, until next order.. take care peeps..

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