Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Luck

We meet again in yet another order entry.. This one came from a friend of mine who wants me to keep his name a secret.. ahaha.. well anyways, he ordered 9 M size set of choc chip cuppies for his bestfriend who lives in Taman Markisah, BM for her exams, wishing her good luck... waaa, so nice of you lar, theme? he said up to me, but make it nice and simple.. well ok mr., here the pics, hope you enjoy it.. thanks for the order, and do order more.. lagi lagi.. hehe thanks.. enjoy

Good luck for your exams Eleiza..

The big cupcakes were fun to do.. hehe

Small flags with good luck written on it..

All nine of em'
Packed with a ribbon on it, ready to go to BM.. hehe
Well, these are fun to do.. and until next time dearest...

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