Sunday, April 5, 2009

This next order come all the way from Larkin Garden, Johor.. Mr Syed, thank u for ordering sir.. He requested for chocolate and oreo cupcake, M saiz, 25 biji.. hehe and as it was to be delivered, tak boleh nak letak BC on top, plus he didnt want any cream on top anyways.. Here's the pic...

Fresh out of the oven

Hmm yummy.. ahaha

All 25 of them

Ready for Johor
At first i packed it like this, but when at the post office, the officer there told me that no food allowed to be posted, takut rosak, but i explained that its via post laju, esok sampai, tak dan kut nak rosak pun, then he told me to change box.. box yang jual kt post office tu.. so, i terpaksa tukar, not exactly a cute one kan.. sorry Mr Syed.. but i hope u enjoyed it, no pictures of the later box, i forgot to take my cam to the post office.. huhu
Anyways, until next time.. take care

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