Sunday, April 5, 2009

Manchester United..


We meet again.. This time, an order came from Miss Fieda Dida from USM, for her so called ahem ahem 'friend' Ayen.. wah gitu.. hehe she request vanilla cuppies with the theme Man U.. well, i started firstly to prepare the red buttercream.. as u have to leave it overnight to get it nice bright red.. huhu the next day, saturday was when i got baking and decorating.. and i had FUNN.. hehe I hope u liked it too fida and ayen.. thanks for ordering.. order some more nnti eh.. untuk pertunangan ke.. perkahwinan ke.. hehe :-p
Well here the pics.. enjoy

Man United.. weee hee

To Ayen.. from Fida dida

Some tiny flags of MU..hehe last minute idea

Nine size M cuppies

No cardboard boxes for set of 9, sorry

All packed and ready to go to USM..

Well folks.. thats about it.. Thanks for the orders.. and do not hesitate to order some more.. take care..


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