Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Hello

Its been a long long long time since my last entry, masyaAllah.. many many thanks and apologies to those yang telah menempah cupcake ngan Ien..many thanks guys.. Well, I have not left this blog unattended purposely, things in Ien valley has not been too good.. biasa lah, org kate, jgn terlalu happy, something bad is bound to happen kalau happy2 sgt ni.. and yes those words are true.. s**t happens (won't tell) but we still get up, brush our shoulders off, live our life and just hope for the best :) kan.. huhu this order is from kakak fazilah of Bayan Baru, she wanted to suprise her friend for her birthday.. good la u kakak.. :) she asks for flowery garden theme.. hope u liked it kakak, and thanks :)
Happy Birthday Atie

16 M cuppies

This next set is supposedly for a certain customer but was cancelled at the last minute due to my fault as i had to immediately balik kampung a day before the date promised.. Many many apologise to u farhana.. There was a death in my family and I had to go back, I hope u understand my situation.. but the set was bought by Abg Ardi of USM instead.. thanks abg Ardi :) nak bagi siape tuuu? hehe enjoy guys :)
Pink, Red and White

Selamat Pengantin Baru

16 M Fondant Cuppies :)

I am making Suji cake today, 1st attempt. huhu kene perap the ingredient for 5 hours before u can make the cake ek, lor... huhu its only been 3 hours as I only started at 11am td.. gor, lagi 2 hours nak kene tunggu ni... will post the pics nnti insyaAllah.. wish me luck that the cake will turn out good :) its for a special someone ;) haha until then people.. thanks for your orders.. remember to always smile.. :) :) take care

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