Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Penang to Kedah


Good day.. :) hope all is well with all.. yep yep.. Another update from lil me :) yes, business have been good, ade je order, alhamdulillah.. This next order is also for hantaran tunang, theme requested are for red, black and white, and my my, how the colours clicked.. i love love how the cupcakes turned out.. :) alhamdulillah.. lets enjoy the pics jom..
The colours really goes well together

9 (M) Choc Cuppies


Selamat Bertunang

Box and Ribbon included
Alhamdulillah.. :) my mom and SG commented saying that this set is beautiful.. thank you thank you.. :) pray that i'll be blessed to make more cupcakes and to be better at it as time goes.. Baking is my passion, some like to sing, some like to sew, some even love cooking, but me, i love love baking.. :) and i hope one day i'll be good at it, amin.. :)
Take care all..

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