Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Order kali ni dari ct from Giat Mara Tanjung.. sorry ct lambat upload gambar, hehe, well anyways, ct ordered cupcakes untuk makan-makan for her sons.. she request 2 sets of 9 cupcakes, one set s size dan satu lagi m size, satu tulis Happy Day, satu lagi mintak letak gambar anak-anaknya yang comel.. :) thanks ct.. :) enjoy the pics dear..

Happy Day ;)

9 (S) cuppies

For Ayis and Ammi

9 (M) cuppies

Comel-comel anak ct, mcm maknye gak ;)

1st set

2nd set

Ready to meet ct
Well, busy week, but worth while.. :) until then, take care

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