Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Galore

Some more update of orders, this time around came from kakak ku yg cantiks, Kak Ila, ordered 12 (S) cupcake for her sisters tunang hantaran. Kak Ila request for strawberries as topping.. In my opinion, strawberries tak berape elok kalau buat hantaran, mmg cantik but tak last long, cepat berair, i told kakak but she still insist on having the strawberries, takpe :-) im just following customers request, hehe. I gave kak Ila a few sample of design and she pick two of the below design :-) Adik kak Ila tunang on a sunday, sabtu malam baru potong strawberries, and send to kak ila, hopefully still ok kakak esoknya, risau Ien.. :-) enjoy the pics k :p

Kak Ila pick two different design

I love the look of these sliced strawberries.. :-)

Cupcake top with choc ganache and strawberries :)
I had fun making these and mmg nampak cantik, but i would not suggest it for hantaran, sbb tak tahan lama lah.. :-) but for makan2 mmg best, anyways kak Ila, thanks for your order darling, kem salam family.. :-) until nest entry, take care

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