Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silver Rose

I have been just down in the gloom recently, ntah, something happen that is just too depressing to bear, but thanks for the orders that somehow, took my mind off things a while, somewhat menenangkan :) thanks, well anyways, this order came from one of my wacky friend, Mizz Nina, thanks dear, she wanted cupcake for hantaran sepupunya, ordered 9 (M) choc chip cuppies, theme requested, silver n pink :-) i had real fun making these.. :-) enjoy the pics k

All my hantaran orders disertai small flags :)

Among the photos i took of the order, from all angles :p

Matching box and ribbon @ RM 5 je
Thanks Na for orderingm harap berpuas hati noh, congrats for Harun N Shafida, semoga kekal bahagia insyaAllah, till then, take care

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