Monday, March 30, 2009



We meet again.. hehe this order came from Hidayah and Mili from USM penang, thanks guys.. Well, they wanted two sets of gift pack for their friends Hilal and Mizah on their convocation day.. so i got busy and made my 1st attempt at modelling with gumpaste.. hehe tried making a bear, but my bear mcm cacat sikit.. kene practice lagi nih.. hehe so i made 2 sets of 4 cupcakes in a custom made gift box.. I hope they liked it.. i had fun making them tho.. i also made some extra cuppies, convo cuppies with congrats written on it and a gumpaste scroll, these are the pictures... hehe enjoy
To Hilal
For you Mizah
Packed with a purple ribbon on it.. Purple being the USM robe colour
I add some shimmer stone on the lid of the box, last minute idea, but tak sempat ambik gambar..huuhu

Extras..extrass, hehe

Anyways, as well as i enjoyed making the cuppies, i also had fun making the boxes, hmm, maybe i should try making customize boxes eh.. hehe ill think about it.. ok, until next time..


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