Monday, March 30, 2009

Come back

Hi, i've been away a while, away from blogging that is.. not that i have nothing to post tau, i was away for a whole week, busy with y sisters engagement majlis.. alhamdulillah all went well.. last week bila pulang dari KL, i had a fever, runny nose, agonizing headache.. huuhu.. but but, orders masuk, i still take.. because? i love baking cuppies..hehe im thankful to those who ordered, my fever baik terus... hehe, so, this order came from some students in my sisters school, theme? anything, but chocolate cuppies, so enough chatting.. ill let the pictures do the talking plak.. hehe

Chocolate swirls was the favourite

Colours caca merba.. hehe

Had fun making these.. comot sikit

The whole bunch

Well, till next time.. Do order some more.. hehe thanks


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